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Our mission, our goals...

The mission and goals of our company are based upon a personal, family but also a professional way of working.  Together with you we want to make the difference, that is why we always delivery high quality products and services witch we stand for and of witch we know it will bring you 100% satisfaction.

Because we believe in an personal contact we don't work with representatives but we always come to you our selves if you would like that.

We believe in a future where one must be able to think further, that's why we provide you with on line services that must reach with the click of your mouse to your door.  To make this happen we only use the latest technologies so our services are equaly garantied to the quality we deliver, 365 days a year 24/7.  The advantages for you as a customer are most obvious - ordering/paying when and where you want, access to all products, any day of the year, you want to view some products at your place of business, no problem, we will gladly make an appointment with you to visit and show you some of our finest product.

By creating a profile you can have a constant overview on the products ánd prices suited for your needs, no need to make calculations, no fals doors, the prices you see when logged on with your own profile are always the correct ones, deliveries are always free of charge within Belgium.


Contact us for sure if you would have any further questions, we will gladly oblige!

See you soon at our virtual shop or at your place.